We meet Danial as a teenager and follow him throughout his life until he's an old codger.  Whether during times of persecution, when he is appointed to positions of power and in times of great popularity, Danial maintained his spiritual integrity.  

People today are under incredible pressure to conform to secular society.  This series will provide a positive reminder that it is possible to live life God's way in spite of, and in the middle of, the secular humanism that permeates our culture.

Message titles are "Take a Stand", Give God the Credit", "Through the Fire", "Learn From Others" and "Wait on God". 

- Take a Stand 
- Give God the Credit
- Through the Fire 
- Learn From Others 
- Wait on God

You can download the entire series in the ZIP FILES below.   Most all series have message transcripts, power point and series graphic.  Some have videos, series summary sheet, etc.