I think it’s interesting how, as much as the Bible refers to the different emotions that people (and even God) experience, how infrequently emotions are talked about in church. In addition, we live in a time when so many people’s lives are ruled and dominated by how they feel rather than what they believe.  

  Psalm 139:14 reminds us that we have been “fearfully and wonderfully made” by the hand of God, and in the image of God.  

  This 4-part series addresses where emotions come from, how to handle them, ways our temperament or personality influences how we feel, to how God can help us to deal with negative emotions. 

  This is a powerful series that every person, seeker or believer, will benefit from. 
You can download the entire series in the ZIP FILES below.   Most all series have message transcripts, power point and series graphic.  Some have videos, series summary sheet, etc.