Life is so crazy, fast paced and complicated these days.  Do you know what a majority of Americans say they often wish for?  A more simple life.  66% of us say that we would like to "slow down and live a more relaxed life".  Of course, most don't think that's a real possibility any time soon.  

Despite the fact that we've all heard the old "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing", the reality is that people spend most of their time, energies and money on trivial pursuits.       On paper we say, "my big priorities in life are God, family, church, career, health....", but if an objective person were to follow 
us around for a month, they would probably come to a very different conclusion.  They might say, "how about television, eating, entertainment, working and running errands is more like it".

This series will provide some very practical ways for people to simplify and streamline their lives.  It will challenge them to achieve alignment between what they say is most important to them and how they actually live their lives.  

The fact that Janna and I and our family have really done this ourselves over the past few years,  provides a very strong "realism" to this series.  

Message titles are "Making the Decision", "Making the Change" and "Cars".  

You can download the entire series in the ZIP FILES below.   Most all series have message transcripts, power point and series graphic.  Some have videos, series summary sheet, etc.