One day I saw a promo for the television series ENTOURAGE and it gave me an idea – why not do a series on the twelve disciples? You know, who they were, why Jesus picked them, etc.  

  As I thought about it, I realized that I had never heard of anyone doing a series on the twelve disciples. And I’ll tell you, it turned out to be one of my all-time favorite series and one that the people in my church really enjoyed.

  My basic angle was that here were these ordinary men – none were from nobility, none were highly educated, none was a renowned scholar, none was a theologian. Instead, they were total outsiders from the religious establishment of their day. They didn’t have any particular intellect or talents that made them stand out. They were prone to mistakes, lapses of faith and slow to learn. They were the DUH-ciples!

  And yet Jesus chose them, entrusting them with the most important mission in human history.  

  It was a fascinating experience to look deeply into the character and lives of such a diverse group. And it was amazing how people in my church could see themselves in the different disciples.  

  I think your church will absolutely love this 8-part series!
You can download the entire series in the ZIP FILES below.   Most all series have message transcripts, power point and series graphic.  Some have videos, series summary sheet, etc.