Did you know that the average church in America is 61% female and only 39% male?  It is happening all over the world - Canada is 72% female and just 28% male.  Asia is 71% women to 29% men and Europe is 88% female and 12% male.

   What is going on here?  Especially when Jesus was a man and all His disciples were men.  

   Well in this two week series I talk about the "feminization of the church" that has evolved over the years.  How the church has emphasized  Christ's feminine qualities (kindness, humility, being nurturing, etc.) over His more masculine qualities (boldness, righteous anger, being a rebel, etc.)

In week two we get to the solution side of the equation - how to reverse this deadly trend in your church.  

  If your church is serious about reaching more lost people, you need to do this series.  
You can download the entire series in the ZIP FILES below.   Most all series have message transcripts, power point and series graphic.  Some have videos, series summary sheet, etc.